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A majority of MABA members did not realize, until recently, that they should call 811 to have underground locates completed prior to conducting fieldwork such as soil probing.  Now that we are aware of this responsibility more MABA members are using the 811 system. Having locates done has not been an easy transition for MABA members. MABA has put together the survey below in an attempt to understand the challenges our members are having in using the 811 system. Please answer the questions below. The answers you provide will only be used to communicate the challenges the agriculture industry in Montana is facing with the 811 system. This information will be shared with underground utility owners (without identifying any one particular respondent) in an effort to improve the 811 system for our members.

The 811 system was not established to address the significant acreages that we cover in Montana agriculture.  We are hopeful that our feedback can help lead to adjustments to the 811 call system so that it functions better for MABA members. MABA is committed to addressing our members’ concerns and challenges with the 811 system.