Mission Statement

The mission of the Montana Agricultural Business Association is to provide proactive leadership to assure the viability of Montana agribusiness by:

  • supporting economically sound and environmentally responsible legislation and regulations;
  • providing information and education which meets member’s needs;
  • providing the opportunity for the members to network with other members;
  • communicating with the university system, state and federal agencies and other groups to advance a positive agriculture and business climate;
  • promoting and enhancing a safety culture in agribusiness; and
  • being responsible to the public and providing that public with accurate information about agribusiness.


      ORGANIZATIONAL COMPETENCY: To develop and maintain an organizational structure which addresses needs of members, is financially healthy and enables the highest level of volunteer and executive director competency.
      LEGISLATIVE RELATIONS: To monitor and influence state and federal legislation which affects agribusiness.
      REGULATORY RELATIONS: To monitor and influence state and federal regulation which affects agribusiness.
      PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND ETHICS: To enhance the professional competency and knowledge of members and to foster high standards of ethical conduct.
      RESEARCH AND INFORMATION: To collect and effectively disseminate information on changing technical, governmental and other conditions affecting agribusiness.
      NETWORKING: To encourage interaction and understanding of issues affecting members and to provide opportunities for this exchange.
      ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS:To maintain cooperative relationships and activities with the university system; state, regional and national agricultural, natural resource and business associations; state and federal agencies, and other groups in pursuit of MABA’s mission.

      PUBLIC INFORMATION AND AWARENESS: To enhance the recognition of agribusiness professionals and improving public understanding of the positive contribution agribusiness makes to society and the environment.