MABA has compiled the information on this page in an effort to help members navigate the recycling of large ag containers and shuttles. Our goal is to find a new home for these materials where they can be recycled and reused instead of filling shops, tree rows, and local landfills.


  • August 2020

    Ag Container Recycling Update
    Shuttle and Large Container Recycling

    As you all know, the Montana Department of Agriculture Container Recycling program has limitations on sizes of containers that can be accepted. To help keep Ag Containers out of local landfills, shops, and tree rows, MABA has put together the following information to help our membership find a new home for used containers.


    1. This is FREE for companies provided the containers being returned meet the receiving company’s standards.
    2. No big surprise – cost of transportation is a significant challenge. It is important to work together as businesses to make a “full load” for those coming to pick them up. This is generally 60 shuttles. If you are including 135’s in the shipment, then of course it would be more than 60 but keep that in the back of your mind.
    3. These programs are for the standard one-way cage tanks (generally 250’s and 135’s) and the Bayer program is for the old Monsanto 120’s and 150’s.
    4. Both companies outlined below collect the containers with the goal of REUSING the container. Therefore there are fairly strict requirements on the condition of the containers they are willing to pick up.
    5. The process is initiated when YOU submit a pickup request form to the company. You will need to outline how many, what each of them contained, etc.
    6. Not all totes are required to be triple rinsed. Once you submit your request form the company will tell you which ones have to be triple rinsed.
    7. If you are bringing in or accepting shuttles, etc., from growers please make sure that you understand the condition requirements of the recycling company so that you don’t end up with a yard full of shuttles that can’t be recycled in the programs.

    Company and Program Overview can be found HERE.
    Ag Pickup Request Form can be found HERE.

    Company and Program Overview can be found HERE.
    Ag Pickup Request Form can be found HERE.

    If you have the old Monsanto/Bayer 120’s or 150’s, please follow up with your Bayer Rep so that they can facilitate a pickup. The program requirements for 2019 can be found HERE. Your Rep will provide details regarding any changes to the program for 2020.

    Concerns or Questions
    Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have information to share, have questions or need assistance. Our office is currently operating remotely so please utilize email as much as possible to contact us.


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