Montana Agricultural Business Association is the only association in Montana that is focused specifically on the needs of our business membership. We provide state and federal legislative oversight, executive branch agency activity updates, up to date information in crisis situations, and tools for compliance with the multiple state and federal laws that govern our business operations. We are proud that our membership is well informed and professional business men and women. Through this network of professionals MABA will continue to lead the state in protecting our interests and promoting sound science and fact based decisions by growers, businesses and the public.

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What has MABA done for you and your business this past year?

  • Secured a partnership with the Asmark Institute to provide an avenue for retailers who are MABA members to comply with OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations. This is not available in Montana except for MABA members
  • Defeated an attempt to require labeling of all food products containing genetically modified organisms.
  • Is in the process of working with state and national groups to create a fertilizer facility self audit program in an effort to document our safety procedures in the industry.
  • Developed a “Newsworthy Notes” email newsletter to distribute information to members in a timely manner.
    Created a presence on Facebook in order to communicate through social media.

This year we expect definite challenges. Key challenges this coming year are:

  • Protecting members interests in Congress, including changes being proposed in the Clean Water Act, FAARM Bill, and Fertilizer handling regulations which could seriously impact agriculture;
  • Helping independent and independent coop retail and applicator members comply with OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations through our partnership with the Asmark Institute. (You can check them out at
  • Working with our national counterparts (Crop Life America, The Fertilizer Institute and Agriculture Retailers Association) and other states to stop unrealistic pesticide buffer strips and other restrictions being imposed by court decisions under the Endangered Species Act;
  • Developing an educational program on the opportunities biotech crops can provide to Montana agriculture (biotech is much more than Roundup Ready);
  • Working with the Montana Department of Agriculture to expand the plastic pesticide disposal program;
  • Conducting educational seminars throughout the year including our Annual Convention, the Sugar Beet Symposium and the Institute of Barley and Malt Sciences Symposium;
  • Continue to show our support through written and verbal testimony of the Montana Agriculture Experiment Stations and MSU Extension Service;
  • Continued work with other agriculture and business associations as well as the MSU College of Agriculture; and
    helping members in any way we can.